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A Day in Your Virtual Life, Machinima Contest

Koinup, the 1st Metaverse Social Network is proud to announce “A Day in Your Virtual Life” Machinima Contest!

The Contest is opened to all the virtual worlds machinima makers and enthusiasts and it requires participants to tell/capture a day of their virtual life and show us how different or similar are their virtual and real lives!

People from Various Virtual Worlds as Second Life,, IMVU, Hipihi, Kaneva and also from the several MMORPGs as World of Warcraft and many others, can submit their videos to the contest, by uploading directly on the website or otherwise importing their entries from Youtube

Submission start july, 7th and close August, 1th. Winners will be announced August, 8th

The panel of judges is made up by some of the most autorithative people working in the machinima and virtual worlds scenario: the journalist Hamlet Au, the art-critic Mario Gerosa, The mmorpg blogger Moo Money and the two well known machinimist: Michelle Pettit-Mee (from Britannica Dreams) and Chagall

The Contest is part of Koinup effort in encouraging and supporting metaverse user generated contents and creativity. The theme “A day in your virtual life” is a gross routs occasion to showcase how our virtual and real lives sometimes collide or otherwise, sometime become strictly different and uncomparable.

Check it out the rules of the contest:

Winners videos will be streamed in several virtual worlds theatres. The main cerimony and winners inworld streaming will be held at the prestigious Second Life Orange Island

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