Açores in SL

As I was browsing around about SL this afternoon, I came across with a title that just grabbed my atention. After reading “Explore Acores” my first thought was “are they already in SL?”. I clicked the link and after a first look (and confirming the flag), I kept reading the text as it was Acores alright until… well, until I read this sentence: “Acores is the French word for the Azores, a group of nine islands in the middle of the Atlantic”. I read it again and again and over again… I just couldn’t believe it. And the Sim named after our archipelago has got nothing to do with it in RL, at all. To all of you who actually know Azores does it look like “[…] white sandy beaches, warm ocean waves […]“?

  • Caramba, absolutamente inacreditável. Pergunto-me se os nomes da geografia real não deveriam estar protegidos por uma espécie de direitos de autor. Que grande lata a desses tipos. E realmente, tal e qual a realidade das nossas ilhas…

  • Last time, I went to Azores I don’t remember leaving my own country or needing a passport… DUH! How dumb can people be!?

    Anyway, did you IM the sim owner/creator? I will visit the sim and sure will tell him about his HUGE lack of geography knowledge.

    Azores (wikipedia):

    BTW, Açores is the name of the bird that was first found on the islands…

    And I left a comment there…

  • anyway, I wonder if countries and other places have a trade mark. However, I can’t find Açores as a registered trade mark. Maybe there is a special legislation.

    (remember that the Portugal sim in SL was in fact brasilien-owned, and PLM (Portugal Main Land) had to buy the sim to bring it back to the Portuguese Comunity).

  • Miguel Yesheyev

    Well, in fact you won’t be able to visit the place because it is a private Sim.

  • Grrr… Left a comment in the site/blog/whatever!