Mark Kingdon or Mark Kingdon?

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The new CEO of Linden Lab/Second Life (whatever letters inside brackets) is Mark Kingdon; by now everybody knows that.

Only, who is Mark Kingdon? Is he this guy, the veteran of three decades of bull and bear markets, as the Wikipedia seems to point, or this guy here, the one that used to write on a blog? It seems to me that there are too many kings for such a small country, the one visited by the poor, opressed and in great need of umbrellas and other types of shelter

*hopes they’ve hired the right king*

  • Em que é que isso me vai beneficiar sendo eu um mero utilizador ?

  • ElectroescadaS nem imaginas quanto poderá (ou não ) beneficiar … 😛

  • Cat he is the one thar blogs on ClickZ, for sure!
    HE used to be Marcus Voom in Second Life, and now he will have the new name “M Linden”.

    I hope lindes do not sart to use just one letter as first name, as we are on risk of having the all alphabetTrdeMarked by Linden Lab.

  • I prefer the resemblance to 007 for the M Linden. 😉

  • Mois

    The Wikipedia article is very dated, but both are the same person.

  • ric

    nota 10