Skins theft – a possible solution

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This evening, I’ve translated and moderated a discussion – more of a fight, really – about skin theft. The thief, I’m sad to say, since we have 99% Portuguese speaking readers, was Brazilian, so I went there to give a hand. He gave some very lame excuses about finding the files on Google, then stated that, since they were now on his computer, they were his. Just like that, no problem whatsoever, even when confronted, again and again, with the fact that something that is on the net still has an owner. They were his and that was it. He was given all Eloh Elliot files and templates and then we explained that those he could modify and give away or sell, as long as the original creator rights were maintained. Finally, I guess that out of tiredness and because of the huge crowd outside his store (and not because he suddenly became honest), he said that he would take them out, if all the people there would go to Brasil Island, where they were selling stolen skins as well. Not a lot of people could go, since many creators are banned from the island…so that was postponed. But he did take the skins down.

This problem will go on forever. Linden Lab will not do a thing, I’m quite sure, so one of the solutions is quite simple:

You creators out there, will have to crush competition. Take Eloh’s files or some of your old skin files and make skins. A lot of them. With a lot of bikini marks, tattoos, heavy makeup, a lot of pink and lashes; and find a place to sell them all. At a very low price. Very low. All in the same place. And the publicity and the market laws will take care of the problem for you. It’s a war, so use the same weapons.

  • Midnite Rambler

    Sad to say he did take them down, but then not long after put them all back up again. And again acted as if he had never heard of it.
    Content creators may be banned from THAT sim, but are they banned from all 4, as all 4 have the other guy’s shops.

  • I had no doubts that he would do that. He’s not an honest person, so its useless to appeal to his good feellings, he has none, he’s a thief.
    Its all very well to wear the white skin as a protest, or to vote on jira issue, but that will not change a thing. Linden Lab is busy elsewhere. Closing shops will just hurt the creators. The thieves will keep selling the skins to people who are totally clueless about this issue. Even the threat of a law suit doesn’t mean a thing to a brasilian. The only way to fight competition is by selling cheaper items. It works in RL, it will work in SL.

  • How about creating a way of adding a sort of “genuine” stamp on what is being purchased along with lowering prices?!

  • Miguel,
    creators do that with birth marks but thieves steal the original content downloading it to their computers and then uploading it again to have their names as content creators.
    Some time ago, thieves used the copybot system (that I never understood how it worked) and now I heard there was a script to do this.

  • Miguel Yesheyev


  • marialuisa

    I agree to everything that has been said except for one thing. I am brazilian and have never bought or used anything stolen, so please dont say that a “a law suit doesn’t mean a thing to a brasilian” cause like in every country we have honest and not honest people. And it makes me sad that the person involved is brazilian but no need to generalize. Its bad enough that in a place we go for fun we have thiefs so lets not add racism to it please…

  • Maria Luisa, i should have written “to a brasilian like these people”. What i mean is that, in Brasil (as in Portugal), law suits are not a serious threat, as they are in other countries. As for not buying any stollen goods, how do you know they werent stollen? These items are expensive, the names of creators have been erased, and a lot of people might even sell them, thinking they bought legal full perms.

  • Kuja

    hello! well let me ask u guys something is it theft when u rip someone else textures in world but how bout other creators work from outside.. u guys know EA games` SIMS series right.. now i spotted a shop which sells EA custom textures, clothes n some works of designers who upload their work in sims fan forums for FREE use!..
    i made a skin using a face but paid for it then uploaded to flickr showing tha skin.. but i didnt know that time they were from actual creators who work hard for them and as i said even paid for photosourcing.. then after sometime a person imed me about i ripped her skin.. then went to talk/actually we were from same country n i know my fellow citizens how fox they can be! yes they were having this so called store n selling ea game stuff from sims2.. AFTER THAT i decided not to sell the skin i made n contected to whoever i can to solve it n im cool.. but these ppl r harassing me right now so called threatening.. i already reported them to lindens n so they reported me.. [actually i dont know why they reported me maybe cause i showed their theft? dunno] these r some pics i will show you:
    1. a the custom corset from EA SIMS2 game which has been sold for 110L…19592719_rs.jpg
    2.a skin which i even used for the skin I made then understood it was actually a designers work from forum or [cant remember know which one it was actually.. n i cant remember the designers name too which is sad i cant get in contact but i posted to find who she/he is…35590368_rs.jpg
    3.also this hair is far from being similar to ETD Shanna hair??

    thats all if I am wrong then correct me isnt this also theft and from a big company called EA GAMES?
    they wanted to mess with me n now i will show thir true colors to everyone in Sl thank you!

  • Kuja