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how to become a fashionista in five easy steps

Ok, the title is just a teaser. There’s no easy way to become a fashionista, not even in ten very hard steps. I know, it looks so easy…so I decided to give it a try.

slbug1.jpg Now, I have a problem. A lot of them, but one to begin with. You’re either one of the tallest girls in SL and sort of look down at everybody else, or you have to be smaller, otherwise you’ll never fit in the picture. There’s always a bit of hair or a foot sticking outside the frame.

Thus, I had to use my alt. My alt, the poor creature, is a shortCat. Also, poor is not just an adjective here, she really doesn’t have a cent of her own. Always running after freebies, keeping tabs on group gifts, no time for fun (sigh), she’s just a…well an alt. But she does solve a lot of problems! So the alt went to SL to do the pictures and to show that girls look just fine, even when they don’t spend a single L$.

So now I have a model, that must be step number one.

The model has her (freebie) clothes, no problem there. Let’s try some of them and take some pictures; easy?
No, nothing is easy. She rezzes a couple of prims, paints them white: a photo studio; but she doesn’t have a clue about lights. The avie is full of shadows. No way it can be done like that.

I’m lucky because I have some friends who know a lot of things. I remember Ana Lutetia mentioning spherewhatevers and Leilah writing about a free one in Silent. So, over to Silent to try the thing. I now have a place to shoot pics, that is step number two.

Taking pictures is a pain. You always click on the wrong thing. You have your avie ready, the clothes and everything else, the poses, the hair, you see there’s a small adjustment to make, you click on the stupid girl and she moves! Or the eyes move! Or the camera moves! Or you change clothes and then realize that you forgot to take notes about what the hell she was wearing. Or you close the notecard and forget to save it…at that moment you are ready to become a scripter, it must be easier than this, but you go on until you finished step number three.

Now quit before you become totally insane. Leave her there, no problem, just quit before you give up SL forever.

Ok, we got to the edit pictures bit. Open a photo editor, Photoshop if you can (I had it for one day, gave up) or other, choose the best pictures (or at least the ones that have a body and you can actually see something) and edit, edit a lot. If they are really lousy, don’t stop until all of it is hidden! Then go to another photo editor and edit a bit more. That’s step number four and it’s done. Uff!

Now, step number five is to write the post and run before you start hearing the laughs!


The theme here is Nice Freebies That Have The Colours Of SL Fashion Seasons (said seasons being Halloween, Christmas and Valentines)

(Orange) Halloween:

artilleri HUNT/ kats coat *orange*
ETD Barely Cords (Black)
skin: []::Tuli::[] S5 light ~ natural 1
*Sin Skins* Glitter Manicure Black
Shape Cat Magellan_alt
eyes: *Sin Skins* Intense Sage/Gold Eyes
hair: TRUTH* Perry – Carrot
earrings:/artilleri/ teardrop earrings
shoes: Pump(kin)s from Shiny Things
poses: Analu [ALT] pose4

(Red) Christmas

[]::Tuli::[] Le Zoo Opening prezzie 4: Lana Red Dress
skin: ::[]Tuli::[] S4 cream brown brows ~ frost (Le Zoo exclusive)
*Sin Skins* Glitter Manicure Black
Shape Cat Magellan_alt
eyes: Metal Blue Eyes by HBS
hair: ETD Lovely – Sunny Blackened
earrings:/artilleri/ teardrop earrings
bracelets: Argyle Autumn Heather Bangles
shoes: Topaz Square~Bleeding Heart~Anti- Valentine Heels
poses: Analu [ALT] pose13

(Pink) Valentines

*ICING* Twilight Gown
skin: []::Tuli::[] S5 tan ~ natural 1
!Skin Within *GIFT* Bebe French Manicure and Pedicure
Shape Cat Magellan_alt
eyes: *Sin Skins* Intense Violet/Obsidian Eyes
hair: rAVE! – dkpurp LG bewitched
earrings:*~*Illusions*~*Butterfly earrings and signature necklace sterling
shoes: She’s So Unusual Shoes (Smooch kitten)
poses: Analu [ALT] pose31

(ok, I’ve cheated on the poses…they aren’t free)