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The SLbloggers Mix’n Match Results

OMG! (always wanted to write “OMG!” exclamation included, on my blog, so now I get the chance) The results of the SLbloggers Mix’n Match are out and, since this post will reffer some very nice people I haven’t yet had the pleasure to meet, it should be in (very bad) english. No fear, my dear friend Leilah Nishi has the job of stepping on (with both feet) my writting and making it readable.

Well, let me get all this stuff clear:

– We have the honour of having here a post by Samantha Pointdexter. I’m so overwelmed by this fact that it almost mutes me. Samantha is, well she’s so many things, I hope she will like it here.

– As for the poor blog that gets my silly writing, that will be the very unlucky All Things Tiessa. Lets hope Tiessa Montgolfier, ” who does a little bit of everything, except get into trouble, which she does a lot and at which she excels.” won’t be a stranger to the idea of trouble. Which is the only thing I can do extremely well. 😀