SL® geral

Maths is clean and simple

Worrying all day about the 40% price drop on sims. Not for me, it’s just a loss, but for me SL is about fun and (vomiting) belief until now. But for the thought of what is was (in my mind) and what it is (in reality). I am an economist and I believe in free market, fair competition and a lot of other bullshit they teach you (well, in fact they don’t teach you that at LSE but ok…) when you’re young. I am also a sceptical about all the fairness of free markets, but give me a better model, because it’s like democracy: it’s not perfect but it’s the best we can come up with (or live in).

I’ve read a lot, from Pixeleen Mistral to Prokofy Neva and I tend to agree with the last one (putting aside all those nice things he wrote about my friend Gwyneth: one can disagree with somebody else, as I tend to disagree with her on this particular issue, but there is no need for all that; still, that’s not the point here).

So, maths is very simple and the solution for all those who are not happy with this is very clear: island sims (no VAT, not my case, but for the sake of the exercise) which cost USD1.700, now will drop to USD 1000, loss of USD700. However, LL will not sell those sims tomorrow. Plus, tiers are at around USD300. That means that, 2,5 months of tiers cover for the loss.

So, dump them. Sell your sims now for USD1000. Tomorrow. Take a 2,5 month vacation, covering your losses, be a newbie again, visit a sandbox, go to the cinema, try another virtual life or even a real one. You might feel you want to come back, you may not. However you will fill a lot of requests for islands. All these poor people now waiting for an cheaper island, you will do them a favour, it’s for the goodness of the community…isn’t it?

yeah I will burn in hell, so what?