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Droga virtual (só faltava isto!)

Também (ainda) não experimentei. Mas parece que há uma droga virtual no SL que proporciona uma bela moca ao avatar e, enquanto esse se passa, passa-se qualquer coisa (no monitor?) que afecta quem ali está. Ide lá ver e depois contem-me.

“Virtual drug gets you and your Second Life avatar high

Warren Ellis ventured into the “Seclimine Drug Shack” in Second Life and discovered a virtual drug that is reputed to get both you and your avatar high. Snow Crash arrives in the metaverse.
While your avatar is staggering and lurching under an animation replicating the outer effects of necking a handful of foul pills that some nerve-damage case mixed up in a bathtub and probably cut with talcum powder and rat poison, motion graphics and audio launch to commence a hypnotic induction. The inductive system is intended to, from what I can gather, get you good and dopey, disoriented, and wondering why the walls are melting and the floor is made of meat.
The whole experience apparently takes half an hour. That, sadly, was half an hour I didn’t have this week. So go down to Seclimine Drug Shack and get good and messed up for me.

Link (via Warren Ellis)”

via Boing Boing

(slurl para o Seclime Drug Shack)